Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Year end closings

As we approach the monthly closings for year-end I will share the charts and my views.

Firstly on the S&P500:

Despite the weakness of the S&P500 this week (likely year-end profit-taking) the monthly chart is setup for further gains. It's likely we will see gains in January through new position building. Greek elections on January 25th may take the wind out of the market but we may be setting up for a bubble move in stocks. Retail involvement is still low but may be limited after previous losses. The market looks set to go through 2100 though, after which a bull move may take us higher. With Japan pushing QE and the ECB looking likely to join them, we are certain to keep pushing higher until we have another structural break (think Tech bubble pop/sub-prime pop).


A very weak monthly and yearly close in the EUR/USD assumes a certain test of the 1.20 level. This will probably happen in January as a result of the Greek elections. The results of this election and possible QE from the ECB could see further losses through 1.20.


Crude prices are also electing a very bearish monthly/yearly closing, as WTI breaks through $53. Price should test the $40 level in 2015. We may see a counter-trend rally soon but the outlook for oil is bearish.

On the U.S. Dollar:

The U.S. dollar may put a top in soon for a pull-back, however the bullish trend will continue. The BOJ and ECB are going all out to devalue their currencies, whilst the oil price decline is threatening sovereign debt in oil-producing nations. Talk of the dollar's demise is still premature and there is too much risk out there that could see a run to the dollar.

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